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  Transaction Analysis: Penske Extends Logano
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The extension of Joey Logano's stay is a no-brainer for Team Penske.

  Martin Truex's Dramatic In-Season Improvement
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Truex and his Furniture Row team gained track position at will in the last five races.

  Statistical Preview: Talladega
Complimentary, via | Win Probabilities & Odds: Talladega
Denny Hamlin holds the best odds heading into the Chase's most polarizing race.

  Athlon Rookie Report: A Dillon Win Looming?
Complimentary, via | Cup Series Driver Stats ($) | Team Stats ($)
Why Austin Dillon winning at Talladega is completely plausible.

  A Nationwide Series Passing Deep Dive
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Analyzing day and night pass efficiency and consistency splits.

  Transaction Analysis: Hornish to RPM
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Sam Hornish was too safe of a pick for an organization in need of a spark.

  Athlon Rookie Report: Pre-Charlotte Rankings
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Kyle Larson needs to lead laps, while Austin Dillon just needs laps.

  Kevin Kidd's Late-Race Collapse
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The crew chief is winless with Matt Kenseth in Nationwide, and there's a reason for that.

  The Best Driver You've Never Heard Of?
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Who's to say K&N West driver David Mayhew can't hack it in a higher division?

  Transaction Analysis: Biffle Re-signs with Roush
Greg Biffle, soon to be 45, is a stopgap between now and a brighter future.

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