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  Fact/Fiction: Improvement and Regression
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Which popular current Cup Series narratives are distorting reality?

  Athlon Rookie Report: First-Year Counterparts
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Larson is Gordon? Dillon is Bowyer? Comparing this year's rookies to past first-timers.

  Monday Notes: Strategy Catered to the Driver
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On Chris Gayle's strategy, Chase Elliott's aggression and a new mid-pack fixture.

  Darlington PREP: Win Probability & Odds
Denny Hamlin, and Denny Hamlin's way of doing things, are Southern 500 favorites.

  Prospect Notebook: On Driver Coaches and PASSers
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Scouting the PASS South and the current role of the "driver coach."

  The Dave Rogers No-Huddle Offense
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Effective short-pitting is giving Kyle Busch more opportunities to win.

  Athlon Rookie Report: Post-Texas Rankings
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The Cup Series rookies are getting a little statistical help from their friends.

  Monday Notes: Redefining Replacement Level
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David adjusts to the racing landscape, plus a Nationwide title contender emerges.

  F1 Numbers Game: Low on Overtakes
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The passing numbers are down in Formula One, but no one told Valtteri Bottas.

  The David Smith Podcast: Alan Cavanna
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A tribute to 1:64 die-cast cars with's Alan Cavanna.

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