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  Kevin Harvick is a Planet
Premium with Complimentary Preview | Cup Series Driver Stats ($) | Team Stats ($)
Celebrating the 2014 Most Valuable Driver.

  2014-2015 Offseason Portal
Complimentary | Crew Chief Profiles: Labbe ($) | Barker ($) | Kelley ($)
Your portal for all of David Smith's post-2014 and pre-2015 Cup Series analysis.

  Keselowski's Chicagoland Pass is 2014's Best Move
Toasting the pass that clinched Keselowski's win in the Chase opener.

  20 Interesting Race-Long Restart Performances
Premium with Complimentary Preview
David Smith's list of the most intriguing single-race restart stat lines.

  A Madcap Recap of Cup Series Restarts
Premium with Complimentary Preview
Breaking down the restart position retention and gains of each Cup Series driver.

  Logano Keeps Getting Better
Premium with Complimentary Preview
For the second year in a row, Joey Logano is the Most Improved Driver.

  Final 2014 ARCA Series Statistics
Premium | ARCA Series Driver Stats ($)
Roush Fenway Racing development driver Kyle Benjamin ranks first in PEER.

  Diamonds in the Rough
Premium with Complimentary Preview
Three drivers that flashed signs of future superstardom in 2014.

  The Arrival of Luke Lambert
Premium with Complimentary Preview | Crew Chief Profile: Luke Lambert ($)
RCR's Lambert is the 2014 Crew Chief of the Year.

  The Man Who Made Stewart-Haas a Destination
Stewart-Haas GM Brett Frood is the 2014 Executive of the Year.

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